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Ten problems to be noticed in the production process of double-color aluminum alloy extrusions

Choose a film with a moderate width and thickness; due to the complicated shape of the aluminum alloy extrusions, the wide and narrow outward appearance, it is easy to blow up the flash, reducing the covering ability of the film and affecting the spraying quality. If the film is too narrow, it cannot be covered and obviously cannot be sprayed. On the other hand, when choosing the thickness of the film, as long as it can cover and have elasticity, it is not necessary to choose a film that is too thick, because a film that is too thick will increase the production cost of aluminum alloy extrusions processing, and it is not necessary.

The advantages of industrial aluminum alloy extrusions and traditional materials

Compared with traditional mechanical manufacturing materials, such as carbon steel and stainless steel materials, the use of high-strength industrial aluminum extrusion profiles has the following advantages:
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